A Giant In The Oz Rock Scene – 3 rare albums.

JO’K was a giant in the 50’s Rock scene here in Australia. This is the second in my series of re-mastered album covers. Released in 1958 by Festival, “Yours Johnny” featured Johnny O’Keefe and The DJ’s performing four songs: Roll Over Beethoven, Have I Told You Lately That I Love You, Comfort In My Heart, By The Light Of The Silvery Moon.

I was excited to find these albums still available. One of them vinyl (pretty rare)

The Very Best of The Wild One
Audio CD

Audio CD

My Heart Belongs To You

Rare find Col Joye Vinyls

Some wonderful and rare Col Joye vinyl albums


Col Joye, is an Australian popular entertainer and entrepreneur. Joye was the first Australian rock and roll singer to have a number one record Australia-wide, and experienced a string of chart successes in the early Australian rock and roll scene.

Recording as a solo artist and with his backing band The Joy Boys, which included his brothers Kevin and Keith, he enjoyed a string of hits on the local and national singles charts of Australia beginning in 1959.

Col’s single “Bye Bye Baby”, reached No.3 on the Kent Music Report charts in 1959, followed by “Rockin Rollin Clementine” also peaking at No.3, His single, “Oh Yeah Uh Huh”, became his most successful, peaking at No.1. He also had other charting singles, including “Yes Sir That’s My Baby” peaking at No.5 nationally.

Col Joye was an original member of Brian Henderson’s Bandstand television program, and appeared regularly on this show for fourteen years. He also toured Australia with Judy Stone, Sandy Scott, and Little Pattie.

In 1973, Col had another hit record, with “Heaven Is My Woman’s Love” reaching No. 1 on the Go-Set charts in 1973.

Source: Wikipedia

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Lonnie Lee’s "Don’t Look Back" Link to buy.

Ain’t it so in 1959, was a big hit for Lonnie Lee. This was followed by Starlight Starbright then in 1960, Yes Indeed I do, I found a new love, Defenceless. In 1961 and 1962 Sit Around and Talk, When the bells stop ringing, Sitting by the river, Don’t you know Pretty baby and others.

His last #1 record was in 1969 with his own song ‘ Sad Over Someone’ (SOS)
Over all he had 8 national #1 hits and 5 Gold Records. Lonnie currently tours Australia, and the world playing your favourites, the music you grew up with,

In October 2007 he toured with fellow performers Crash Craddock, Bobby Vee and Lesley Gore from that original Rock’n’Roll era and many still say he was the stand out on that tour. It was an historic tour as 49 years before, he had toured with Crash with The Everley Brothers and other US stars of the time.

In 2008 he launched another show titled, Lonnie Lee’s CRY!. It features 20 plus songs made popular by Johnnie Ray the first big pop star who many including Tony Bennett say was the father of Rock’n’Roll. The show features Lonnie, his band The Leemen together with a big band.

This takes Lonnie full circle from his teenager years in the early 1950s when he listened and sang along to these songs on the radio.
Lonnie makes all the songs his own in his Cry Show, with all the influences that makes Lonnie Lee what he is today.

Lonnie, who takes on the role of a crooner and a singer of pop standards and the show, receive rave reviews his management hope to take it internationally.
As well as this show he still continues to perform with his band as Lonnie Lee and the Leemen in the show The Best of Lonnie Lee.
Like other today performers, he has web sites on My Space, Facebook and YouTube

Listen to his music and buy CD’s at: Lonnie’s Website:

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"Villain of The Peace" Rare Vinyl. Link to Buy.

Three great albums from Glenn Shorrock. Available right away.

Villain of The Peace
SHOP NOW! The First 20 Years
SHOP NOW! 45 Years of Song

Glenn Shorrock, a self-confessed child of rock and roll, began singing in 1962 with a vocal group called The Twilights. By 1965, the Twilights became a six piece group based in Melbourne scoring hits with Needle in a Haystack, Bad Boy, and If she finds out.

The Twilights won the 1966 ‘Hoadleys National Battle of the Sounds’ which gave them the opportunity to record in England at the famed Abbey Road Studios. That session produced further hits “Whats wrong with the way I live” “Young Girl ” and “9/50 ”.

Axiom with Brian Cadd followed shortly after The Twilights disbanded, and went on to produce hits including Arkansas Grass and Little Ray of Sunshine. Axiom disbanded soon after moving to London in 1970. Glenn chose to remain in London as a session singer and songwriter joining a twelve-piece rock orchestra named Esperanto Rock Orchestra, as lead singer alongside 2 fellow Aussie’s Janice Slater & Brian Holloway. “Statue Of Liberty” was included on their first Self-Titled album in 1973, predating LRB’s version by 2 years.

At the conclusion of 1974, Glenn returned to Melbourne to help form Little River Band as lead singer. Managed by Glenn Wheatley, Little River Band cracked the lucrative United States market in 1976, and began a string of eight Top Ten Hits in the U.S.A. and around the world. The band has sold in excess of 25 million albums, often being credited for opening the door for many Australian acts on the international circuit.

In 1995, Glenn fronted Little River Band during their 20th year anniversary, three and a half-month tour of the United States. His songwriting credits include the international hits Help is on its Way, Emma, Home on Monday (co-writer Beeb Birtles), Long Jumping Jeweller, Shut Down Turn Off, My Own Way Home (co-writter Brian Cadd) and Cool Change. Glenn’s last CD was released in 2000: Spin Me ‘Round, co-produced with Brian Cadd.

Dig Richards and The R’Jays "Here to Stay".

I love to re-create or “re-master” the album covers from early Australian pop music. At a time when Elvis was finding his feet in the USA, Australia music stars were finding theirs, but their success was unknown worldwide. Their album covers are disappearing from view. to bring them back to life is my passion. The first of these is Digby Richards.Details about this star are well documented in Wikipedia, so rather than go into his bio in detail, I’ll use my talents to create a high resolution album cover (picture below).
The story is taken verbatim from the back of the original album, and is in itself full of nostalgia:

Tall, slim, good looking Dig Richards has had a phenomenal rise to success. Dig Rocketed to fame overnight with his smash selling version a tune written by his young brother Doug, “ I Wanna Love You” and quickly followed up with “I’m through”, also composed by Doug Richards and a big-selling revival ”You Are My Sunshine”.Album Art: Russell Jones
At the peak of his popularity, fate almost brought an end to Dig’s brilliant career when he was involved in a spectacular car smash on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Newspapers headlined the story throughout the country and many experts forecast that the Dig Richards “Star” had set and that
Dig would never regain the position he had held prior to the accident. In the midst of all this conjecture, Dig’s record company issued the first 12” LP of an Australian artist in this country, and the results were amazing. Letters poured in from countless fans throughout the country and Richards, even whilst he was in hospital, became more popular than ever.
Currently, Dig has a smash selling record throughout Australian his big beat revival of “Annie Laurie”,Dig’s first release for Rex Records. Further distinction has com his way with an invitation from the ABC to compere the nationally famous “Six O’Clock Rock” show on Channel 2 in the absence of Johnny O’Keefe. Johnny is on promtional tour of America plugging his first American release, She’s My Baby.
Rex Records now invite you to hear Dig in four great revivals, any of which could break out as a big hit in the singles market. Digs Present popularity and this record establishes once and for all that Dig is back and this time to stay.

Country Songs MIDI Karaoke – Volume 8

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Country Songs – Midi Karaoke Volume 7

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MIDI Country Songs – Volume 5

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Country Songs – Volume 4

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