Country Songs MIDI Karaoke – Volume 8

DOWNLOAD : Country Songs vol 8 – File Type : MIDI (*.mid) Karaoke (.kar)     MIDI Karaoke – Country vol 8\Country Lilly.mid MIDI Karaoke – Country vol 8\Give me Just one more last chance Vince Gill.mid MIDI Karaoke – Country vol 8\Gr_grass.mid MIDI Karaoke – Country vol 8\I can Love you better Dixie… Read More »

Country Songs – Midi Karaoke Volume 7

DOWNLOAD : Country Songs vol 7 – File Type : MIDI (*.mid) Karaoke (.kar)     MIDI Karaoke – Country vol 7\isi.txt MIDI Karaoke – Country vol 7\Stand by your man Tammy wynette kar.mid MIDI Karaoke – Country vol 7\STANDBY.MID MIDI Karaoke – Country vol 7\Stay out of my arms George Sraight.mid MIDI Karaoke… Read More »

Karaoke Country Songs – Volume 6

DOWNLOAD : Country Songs vol 6 – File Type : MIDI (*.mid) Karaoke (.kar)     Country Midi Song == OnTheRoadAgain.S920.mid Country Midi Song == ORANGE.S564.MID Country Midi Song == Orange2.mid Country Midi Song == Overnight male George Straight.S920.mid Country Midi Song == Overnight Success George Strait.mid Country Midi Song == PAPAMAMA.MID Country Midi… Read More »

MIDI Country Songs – Volume 5

DOWNLOAD : Country Songs vol 5 – File Type : MIDI (*.mid) Karaoke (.kar)     MIDI Country vol 5\isi.txt MIDI Country vol 5\little man alan jackson.mid MIDI Country vol 5\Little sister Dwight Yoakum.mid MIDI Country vol 5\little_bitty.mid MIDI Country vol 5\little_red_rodeo.mid MIDI Country vol 5\little_rock.S564.mid MIDI Country vol 5\livin_on_love.mid MIDI Country vol 5\liza… Read More »

Bob Marley – MIDI Karaoke Collections

DOWNLOAD : Bob Marley – One Love.kar Bob Marley – No Woman, No Cry.kar Bob Marley – Jamming.kar Bob Marley – Is This Love.kar Bob Marley – I Shot The Sheriff.kar Bob Marley – Get up stand up.kar Bob Marley – Waiting In Vain.kar Bob Marley – Three Little Birds.kar Bob Marley – Redemption song.kar… Read More »

Bobby Darin – MIDI Collections

DOWNLOAD : Bobby Darin – Mack The Knife.kar Bobby Darin – Beyond The Sea.kar Bobby Darin – Beyond The Sea2.kar Bobby Darin – Dream Lover.kar Bobby Darin – I’m Beginning To See The Light.kar File Type : MIDI (*.mid) Karaoke (.kar) MIDI Karaoke:boogie woogie bugle karaoke midi

How will MIDI Work?

MIDI is an innovation that makes creating, playing, or simply checking out regarding music less exacting and every one the additional fulfilling. Playing a melodic instrument will offer a lifespan of happiness and kinship. Regardless of whether you’ll seemingly play in a very band, or you simply have to be compelled to perform in secret… Read More »

Boney M – MIDI Karaoke Collections

DOWNLOAD : Boney M – Sunny.kar Boney M – Dreadlock Holiday.kar Boney M – Happy Song.kar Boney M – Rasputin.kar Boney M – Rivers Of Babylon.kar Boney M – Daddy Cool.kar File Type : MIDI (*.mid) Karaoke (.kar)

Bonnie Tyler – MIDI Collections

DOWNLOAD : Bonnie Tyler – Holding Out For A Hero.kar Bonnie Tyler – It’s A Heartache.kar Bonnie Tyler – Total eclipse of the heart.kar Bonnie Tyler – Faster than the speed of light.kar Bonnie Tyler – Have you ever seen the rain.kar File Type : MIDI (*.mid) Karaoke (.kar)

Annie Lennox – MIDI Karaoke Collections

DOWNLOAD : Annie Lennox – Would I lie to you.kar Annie Lennox – Sister are doing it.kar Annie Lennox – Missionary man.kar Annie Lennox – Love is a stranger.kar Annie Lennox – It’s all right.kar Annie Lennox – Don’t ask me why.kar File Type : MIDI (*.mid) Karaoke (.kar)