Sequencing – Notation or DAW?

By | February 8, 2017

There are three methods to go about sequencing your music. Using a notation program, using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), or using every.

#1 – Notation
Ought to you possibly can study music, I would counsel a notation program – the two prime functions are Finale and Sibelius.

Every have their advantages and downsides. Personally I need Finale, as a consequence of it’s ‘Human Playback’ attribute – which considerably humanises your music and gives it a very pure expression with out the need for infinite tweaking in a DAW. You presumably can export to a DAW later, nevertheless you’d be nearly starting as soon as extra with your entire automation and shaping of the notes as Finale exports modulation data as a amount change as an alternative. Sophisticated, nevertheless that was my experience with the export attribute.

Finale is biggest used alongside Garritan Non-public Orchestra. I found that for many who wanted to make use of various sample libraries, you would presumably, nevertheless you misplaced the ability to utilize the Human Playback attribute with out having to extensively change the way it’s prepare. An entire lot of labor.


#2 – DAW
The second risk is using solely a DAW. This has the advantage of the easiest compatibility with any sound library – and infrequently a wide range of plug ins for EQ, reverb, compression, and far more. It’s what I’ve now started leaning in route of because of though I actually like notation, I was being hampered by not having appropriate compatibility with among the many sample libraries.

Ableton Reside eight

#three – Notation, then DAW
Risk three is only a combination of the two above. Composing in notation could also be very pure, and sooner when trying to produce good robust orchestration as a consequence of how chords are constructions, what gadgets to export melody traces to, and far more. Nevertheless after composing in notation and for those who want to use among the many bigger sample libraries, the only option might be to then export to a DAW and finalise the combo. It gives one of the best amount of flexibility when using a DAW to finish a bit.

Presently, I’m nonetheless working solely in a DAW ever since I acquired ProjectSam Symphobia, due to the character of that library, it doesn’t play correctly with notation, it’s geared additional for use in a DAW.


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